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wavesurfer wavesurfer

Sound Manipulation Program

4,342 users

freecycle Freecycle

Plastic surgery for your audio loops

1,997 users

subtitleeditor Subtitle Editor

Graphical subtitle editor with sound waves representation

26,047 users

qnapi QNapi

application that downloads Polish subtitles from www.napiprojekt.pl

3,403 users

dvdrip-queue dvd::rip queue

queue up dvd::rip projects

2,118 users

glurp Glurp

gtk2.4+ frontend to the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

1,847 users

scolily Scolily Score Recorder

Utility to create music scores from microphone

3,612 users

kstreamripper KStreamRipper

kde frontend for streamripper

12,934 users

longomatch LongoMatch

video analysis tool for coaches

309 users

mistelix Mistelix

DVD authoring and slideshow creation application

1,572 users

ffado-mixer-qt4 ffado-mixer

FFADO D-Bus mixer applets (QT4)

11,998 users

jlgui jlGui

graphical music player

2,589 users

luciole Luciole

Image per Image capture tool for movie animations

1,551 users

quickplay quickplay

play mp3 streams from an Ampache server

398 users

gtick Gtick

Metronome application

38,479 users

hexter Hexter

Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI plugin

28,540 users

imagination Imagination

DVD slide show maker

4,374 users

freqtweak Freqtweak

Realtime audio frequency spectral manipulation

32,810 users

mpdcon.app MPDCon

MPD controller for GNUstep

785 users

jaaa jaaa

audio signal generator and spectrum analyser

2,370 users