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kid3-qt Kid3-qt

Audio tag editor

5,757 users

goattracker GoatTracker

C64 music editor

1,860 users

fmit fmit

Free Music Instrument Tuner

6,613 users

jackbeat Jackbeat

a drum machine-like audio sequencer with JACK support

37,545 users

patchage Patchage

modular patch bay for Jack audio and Alsa Midi

34,702 users

promoe Promoe

GUI client for XMMS2

884 users

mplinuxman MpMan Manager

an mp3 player manager for mpman F50/F60

2,564 users

mp3diags MP3 Diags

find issues in MP3 files and help to solve them

3,335 users

xcfa XCFA

X Convert File Audio

5,379 users

kmediafactory KMediaFactory

template based DVD authoring tool for KDE.

7,843 users

jackeq JackEQ

routes and manipulates audio from/to multiple sources

40,282 users

kzenexplorer kZenExplorer

manage tracks and playlists on Creative Labs Nomad Jukeboxes

2,425 users

kyamo Kyamo

music organizer for KDE

2,538 users

shrinkta DVD Movie Backup

DVD backup tool

4,533 users

cecilia Cecilia

graphic user interface for CSound

4,052 users

timemachine JACK Timemachine

JACK audio recorder for spontaneous and conservatory use

33,246 users

mx44 mx44

polyphonic, multichannel midi realtime software synthesizer

5,502 users

wavbreaker Wavbreaker File Splitter

A tool to split wave files into multiple chunks

2,313 users

noteedit NoteEdit

KDE Music Editor

10,619 users

monobristol monoBristol

simple GUI for Bristol

674 users