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audacity Audacity

A fast, cross-platform audio editor

274,014 users

kmplayer KMPlayer

media player for KDE

46,040 users

banshee Banshee Media Player

Media Management and Playback application

115,948 users

gnomeradio FM-Radio Tuner

FM-radio tuner for the GNOME desktop

20,635 users

me-tv Me TV

Me TV, it's TV for me computer

21,785 users

kdenlive Kdenlive

a non-linear video editor

32,990 users

brasero Brasero

CD/DVD burning application for GNOME

1,110,182 users

isomaster ISO Master

A graphical CD image editor

64,662 users

sound-juicer Audio CD Extractor


800,398 users

avidemux Avidemux (GTK+)

a free video editor - GTK version

158,266 users

winff WinFF

graphical video and audio batch converter using ffmpeg

43,875 users

tvtime TVtime Television Viewer

television display application

53,453 users

gnash Gnash SWF Viewer

free SWF movie player

135,801 users

dvdrip dvd::rip

perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg

126,140 users

gnome-media Sound Recorder

GNOME media utilities

1,488,985 users

rhythmbox Rhythmbox

music player and organizer for GNOME

1,380,004 users

devede DeVeDe

simple application to create Video DVDs

94,572 users

lmms Linux MultiMedia Studio

Linux Multimedia Studio

36,088 users

cameramonitor Camera Monitor

Webcam monitoring in system tray

35,359 users

videocut VideoCut

application for creating compositions of screenshots from videos

3,998 users