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bug-buddy Bug Report Tool

GNOME Desktop Environment bug reporting tool

754,112 users

python2.6 Python (v2.6)

An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.6)

682,138 users

icedtea6-plugin Icedtea Java Plugin

web browser plugin based on OpenJDK and IcedTea to execute Java applets

202,386 users

eclipse-platform Eclipse

Eclipse platform without plug-ins to develop any language

122,983 users

mysql-admin MySQL Administrator

GUI tool for intuitive MySQL administration

94,947 users

mysql-query-browser MySQL Query Browser

Official GUI tool to query MySQL database

90,527 users

bzr Bazaar Version Control System

easy to use distributed version control system

78,584 users

quanta Quanta Plus

web development environment for KDE

73,860 users

klinkstatus KLinkStatus

web link checker for KDE 4

72,548 users

kompare Kompare

file difference viewer for KDE 4

68,403 users

anjuta Anjuta IDE

A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++

67,667 users

kompozer KompoZer

complete Web Authoring System

67,169 users

qt3-assistant Qt3 Assistant

The Qt3 assistant application

64,772 users

kturtle KTurtle

Logo educational programming environment for KDE 4

59,664 users

meld Meld Diff Viewer

graphical tool to diff and merge files

58,898 users

devhelp Devhelp

A GNOME developers help program

55,239 users

qt4-designer Qt 4 Designer

graphical designer for Qt 4 applications

54,268 users

cervisia Cervisia

CVS client for KDE 4

52,184 users

geany Geany

A fast and lightweight IDE

51,246 users

qt4-dev-tools Qt 4 Assistant

Qt 4 development tools

46,032 users

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