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kturtle KTurtle

Logo educational programming environment for KDE 4

59,664 users

geany Geany

A fast and lightweight IDE

51,246 users

python2.6 Python (v2.6)

An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.6)

682,138 users

accerciser Accerciser

an interactive Python accessibility explorer for the GNOME desktop

4,440 users

omegat OmegaT

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool

1,991 users

codelite CodeLite

Powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE

6,166 users

tora TOra

A graphical toolkit for database developers and administrators

8,337 users

devhelp Devhelp

A GNOME developers help program

55,239 users

klinkstatus KLinkStatus

web link checker for KDE 4

72,548 users

kompare Kompare

file difference viewer for KDE 4

68,403 users

lazarus-ide Lazarus

IDE for Free Pascal - IDE and Develpment tools

7,617 users

cervisia Cervisia

CVS client for KDE 4

52,184 users

scite SciTE Text Editor

Lightweight GTK-based Programming Editor

27,459 users

qt4-designer Qt 4 Designer

graphical designer for Qt 4 applications

54,268 users

conduit Conduit Synchronizer

synchronization tool for GNOME

18,177 users

faumachine FAUmachine

Virtual machine running in user mode

1,015 users

kicad KiCad

Electronic schematic and PCB design software

13,548 users

diffuse Diffuse Merge Tool

graphical tool for merging and comparing text files

2,949 users

sqlitebrowser SQLite database browser

GUI editor for SQLite databases

13,554 users

mlview MlView XML Editor

An xml editor for GNOME environment

6,404 users

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