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idle-python2.6 IDLE (using Python-2.6)

An IDE for Python (v2.6) using Tkinter

13,312 users

idle-python3.1 IDLE (using Python-3.1)

An IDE for Python (v3.1) using Tkinter

2,108 users

idle3 IDLE 3

An IDE for Python using Tkinter (default version)

1,580 users

jedit jEdit

a cross platform programmer's text editor written in Java

14,149 users

jmeter JMeter

Load testing and performance measurement application

692 users

kapptemplate KAppTemplate

KDE 4 application template generator

15,254 users

kbugbuster KBugBuster

Bugzilla client for KDE 4

15,719 users

kcachegrind KCachegrind

visualisation tool for the Valgrind profiler

20,781 users

kdbg KDbg

graphical debugger interface

10,085 users

kdesdk-scripts KDE SVN Build

scripts and data files for KDE 4 development

36,768 users

kdesvn kdesvn

Subversion client with tight KDE integration

16,709 users

kicad KiCad

Electronic schematic and PCB design software

13,548 users

kiki Kiki

tool for python regular expression testing

15,054 users

kimagemapeditor KImageMapEditor

HTML image map editor for KDE 4

43,277 users

kimagemapeditor-kde3 KImageMapEditor

HTML image map editor for KDE

586 users

klinkstatus KLinkStatus

web link checker for KDE 4

72,548 users

klinkstatus-kde3 KLinkStatus

web link validity checker for KDE

8,534 users

kommander-kde3 Kommander Editor

visual dialog builder and executor tool

8,608 users

kompare Kompare

file difference viewer for KDE 4

68,403 users

kompozer KompoZer

complete Web Authoring System

67,169 users