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pgadmin3 pgAdmin III

graphical administration tool for PostgreSQL

29,169 users

pgdesigner pgDesigner

Graphical database designer for PostgreSQL

2,237 users

pida PIDA

Python Integrated Development Application, a Python IDE

6,223 users

podbrowser Pod Browser

Documentation browser for Perl

3,051 users

poedit Poedit

gettext catalog editor

9,312 users

projectcenter.app ProjectCenter

IDE for GNUstep Development

1,710 users

pype PyPE

python programmers editor

4,120 users

python2.6 Python (v2.6)

An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 2.6)

682,138 users

python3.1 Python (v3.1)

An interactive high-level object-oriented language (version 3.1)

11,240 users

qa-assistant QA Assistant

quality-assurance checklist assistant

1,727 users

qdevelop QDevelop

A development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4

5,970 users

qgit qgit

Qt application for viewing GIT trees

3,964 users

qt4-dev-tools Qt 4 Assistant

Qt 4 development tools

46,032 users

qt4-designer Qt 4 Designer

graphical designer for Qt 4 applications

54,268 users

qtcreator Qt Creator

lightweight integrated development environment (IDE) for Qt

8,216 users

qt3-assistant Qt3 Assistant

The Qt3 assistant application

64,772 users

qt3-designer Qt3 Designer

Qt3 Designer

18,107 users

qt3-linguist Qt3 Linguist

The Qt3 Linguist

4,404 users

qtoctave QtOctave

A Qt front-end to Octave

10,977 users

quanta Quanta Plus

web development environment for KDE

73,860 users