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rapidsvn RapidSVN

A GUI client for subversion

29,722 users

regexxer regexxer Search Tool

A visual search and replace tool

5,800 users

robocode Robocode

Java programming game based on battle tanks

2,200 users

root-system-bin ROOT

Numerical data analysis framework - general applications

8,222 users

rbbr Ruby Browser

a browser for Ruby classes and documentation

4,572 users

scilab Scilab

Scientific software package for numerical computations

18,545 users

scite SciTE Text Editor

Lightweight GTK-based Programming Editor

27,459 users

sdlbasic sdlBasic

BASIC interpreter for game development

1,463 users

seamonkey-browser Seamonkey Composer

Seamonkey Navigator (Internet browser) and Composer

43,776 users

shoes Shoes

tiny graphics and windowing toolkit using Ruby

649 users

spe SPE (Stani's Python Editor)

Stani's Python Editor

12,871 users

sqlitebrowser SQLite database browser

GUI editor for SQLite databases

13,554 users

subcommander Subcommander

Graphical client for Subversion

5,062 users

svn-workbench SVN Workbench

A Workbench for Subversion

9,606 users

sysprof Sysprof Profiler

A system-wide Linux profiler

2,376 users

tkcvs tkcvs

A graphical front-end to CVS and Subversion

4,155 users

tkdiff TkDiff File Comparison

graphical side by side "diff" utility

9,362 users

tora TOra

A graphical toolkit for database developers and administrators

8,337 users

umbrello Umbrello

UML modelling tool and code generator

35,791 users

gupnp-tools UPnP AV Control Point

tools for testing UPnP devices and control points

3,369 users