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distcc-pump distcc-pump

pump mode for distcc a distributed compiler client and server

131 users

distccmon-gnome distccmon-gnome

GTK+ monitor for distcc a distributed client and server

1,843 users

ditrack ditrack

lightweight distributed issue tracking system

128 users

ditz ditz

distributed issue tracker

125 users

dmucs dmucs

distributed compilation system for use with distcc

206 users

docgenerator docgenerator

Generator plugin for python bindings documentation

92 users

doclifter doclifter

Convert troff to DocBook

184 users

doctorj doctorj

A tool to analyze Java code

579 users

dolfin-dev dolfin-dev

Empty package depending on latest DOLFIN development package

74 users

doodle-dbg doodle-dbg

Desktop Search Engine (debug)

70 users

doxygen-gui doxygen-gui

GUI configuration tool for doxygen

9,062 users

doxymacs doxymacs

elisp package for making doxygen usage easier under Emacs

450 users

dpkg-awk dpkg-awk

Gawk script to parse /var/lib/dpkg/{status,available} and Packages

2,019 users

dpkg-ruby dpkg-ruby

ruby interface for dpkg

1,114 users

dpkg-sig dpkg-sig

create and verify signatures on .deb-files

834 users

drift drift

type sensitive preprocessor for Haskell

221 users

dssi-dev dssi-dev

Header file for compiling DSSI plugins and hosts

1,398 users

dssi-example-plugins dssi-example-plugins

Example DSSI plugins

32,944 users

dssi-host-jack dssi-host-jack

An example DSSI host

36,567 users

dssi-utils dssi-utils

Command-line utilities for sending commands to DSSI plugins

35,030 users