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stellarium Stellarium

real-time photo-realistic sky generator

70,538 users

earth3d earth3d

Map client displaying a 3D model of the world

23,339 users

childsplay Childsplay

Suite of educational games for young children

30,866 users

kstars KStars

desktop planetarium for KDE 4

89,637 users

tuxpaint Tux Paint

A paint program for young children

66,478 users

gnome-genius Genius Math Tool

advanced general purpose calculator program (Gnome frontend)

9,290 users

celestia-gnome Celestia (GNOME)

A real-time visual space simulation (GNOME frontend)

36,565 users

openuniverse OpenUniverse Space Simulator

3D Universe Simulator

14,762 users

scilab Scilab

Scientific software package for numerical computations

18,545 users

gcompris Educational suite GCompris

Educational games for small children

69,960 users

ksimus KSimus Circuit Simulator

KDE tool for simulating electrical circuits

9,728 users

oregano Oregano

tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits

13,224 users

lletters Linux Letters and Numbers

GTK letters-learning game for small children

9,821 users

achilles Achilles Life Simulator

An artificial life and evolution simulator

15,143 users

kalzium Kalzium

periodic table and chemistry tools for KDE 4

79,389 users

bibletime BibleTime

A bible study tool for Qt

14,676 users

freemat FreeMat

mathematics framework (mostly matlab compatible)

4,429 users

ktouch KTouch

touch typing tutor for KDE 4

72,731 users

gcu-bin Molecules Viewer

GNOME chemistry utils (helper applications)

16,061 users

basic256 BASIC-256

educational BASIC programming environment for children

6,784 users