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wine Wine Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer

Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (dummy package)

640,191 users

billard-gl Billard-GL

3D billiards game

51,650 users

pacman Pacman

Chase Monsters in a Labyrinth

29,907 users

frozen-bubble Frozen-Bubble

Pop out the bubbles!

113,989 users

smc Secret Maryo Chronicles

a Jump and Run game like Super Mario World

23,736 users

supertuxkart Supertuxkart

kart racing game

62,039 users

openarena OpenArena

fast-paced 3D first-person shooter

61,195 users

zsnes ZSNES Emulator

Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

39,726 users

supertux SuperTux 2

Classic 2D jump 'n run sidescroller with Tux

55,258 users

lbreakout2 lbreakout2

A ball-and-paddle game with nice graphics

48,869 users

torcs TORCS

3D racing cars simulator game using OpenGL

41,498 users

playonlinux PlayOnLinux

front-end for Wine

64,674 users

3dchess 3D Chess

3D chess for X11

36,588 users

desmume DeSmuME (Gtk)

Nintendo DS emulator

18,142 users

pokerth PokerTH

Texas hold'em game

30,507 users

kolf Kolf

miniature golf game for KDE

71,533 users

alien-arena Alien Arena

Standalone 3D first person online deathmatch shooter

41,785 users

xmoto Xmoto

2D motocross platform game

37,226 users

wormux Wormux

funny fight game on 2D maps

53,524 users

kmahjongg KMahjongg

Mahjongg solitaire game for KDE

77,530 users

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