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longomatch LongoMatch

video analysis tool for coaches

309 users

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reinteract Reinteract

Worksheet-based graphical Python shell

422 users

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telegnome TeleGNOME

A graphical teletext viewer

589 users

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anjal Email

light-weight mail client based on Evolution

828 users

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keysafe KeySafe

safe, simple storage system for passwords

858 users

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autokey AutoKey

dummy transitional package for autokey-gtk

970 users

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krb5-auth-dialog Network Authentication

tray applet for reauthenticating kerberos tickets

979 users

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gyrus Gyrus IMAP Cyrus Administrator

GNOME tool for Cyrus-IMAP servers administration

1,020 users

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gnomint gnoMint X.509 CA Manager

x509 Certification Authority management tool for GNOME

1,025 users

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gnoemoe GnoeMoe


1,123 users

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webboard WebBoard

copy and paste to a public pastebin server

1,126 users

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gbonds GBonds

U.S. savings bond inventory program for GNOME

1,131 users

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smuxi-frontend-gnome Smuxi

GNOME frontend for Smuxi

1,223 users

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pyrocket Dream Cheeky Rocket Control

control Striker II and Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launchers

1,328 users

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lifeograph Lifeograph

Private digital diary

1,364 users

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nekobee Nekobee

Simple single-oscillator DSSI plugin

1,452 users

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gconjugue GConjugue

gtk program to conjugate Brazilian verbs

1,506 users

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luciole Luciole

Image per Image capture tool for movie animations

1,551 users

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mistelix Mistelix

DVD authoring and slideshow creation application

1,572 users

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wxbanker wxBanker Finance Manager

lightweight personal finance manager

1,648 users

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