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gcursor Cursor Selection

gnome cursor theme managing software

33,358 users

gnome-lirc-properties Infrared Remote Control

Control panel to configure remote controls

7,749 users

policykit-gnome Authorizations

GNOME dialogs for PolicyKit

804,141 users

agave Agave

colorscheme designer for the GNOME desktop

55,737 users

arista Arista Transcoder

multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop

14,744 users

resapplet Resolution Switcher

A small applet to change your screen resolution

12,142 users

minbar Minbar Prayer Times

GNOME Islamic prayer times application

2,990 users

solfege GNU Solfege

Ear training software

14,259 users

gcdmaster Gnome CD Master

GNOME GUI for cdrdao

35,142 users

hotwire Hotwire Shell

Extensible graphical command execution shell

4,469 users

labyrinth Labyrinth Mind-mapping

lightweight mind-mapping tool

14,921 users

blueman Bluetooth Manager

A Graphical bluetooth manager

21,324 users

memaker MeMaker

application to create themed avatars

3,387 users

tasque Tasque

simple task management application

8,155 users

potamus Potamus

extremely lightweight GTK-based audio player

1,714 users

beagle Search

indexing and search tool for your personal data

66,213 users

ams Alsa Modular Synth

Realtime modular synthesizer for ALSA

11,718 users

gnome-subtitles Gnome Subtitles

Subtitles editor for the GNOME Desktop environment

17,758 users

vagalume Vagalume Last.fm Client

GTK+-based client for the Last.fm online radio service

2,387 users

gnome-color-chooser GNOME Color Chooser

GTK+/GNOME desktop appearance customization tool

17,811 users