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inkblot Inkblot

GNOME ink level monitor

9,319 users

gpixpod GPixPod

Organize photos on your iPod, freely!

22,299 users

gnomoradio Gnomoradio Music Player

free peer to peer music application

9,277 users

dfo Desktop Flickr Organizer

Desktop Flickr Organizer for GNOME

4,910 users

pyrenamer pyRenamer

mass file renamer written in PyGTK

13,102 users

gddccontrol Monitor Settings

a program to control monitor parameters

15,673 users

foomatic-gui Printers

GNOME interface for configuring the Foomatic printer filter system

17,949 users

pybackpack File Backup Manager

user friendly file backup tool for GNOME

12,632 users

nted NtEd

Musical score editor

5,828 users

tracker-search-tool Tracker Search Tool

metadata database, indexer and search tool - GNOME frontend

776,742 users

devhelp Devhelp

A GNOME developers help program

55,239 users

contacts-snapshot Contacts

lightweight addressbook - development version

4,416 users

notification-daemon Pop-Up Notifications

a daemon that displays passive pop-up notifications

1,088,003 users

assogiate File Types Editor

editor of the MIME file types database

6,956 users

goobox CD Player

CD player and ripper with GNOME 2 integration

15,498 users

granule Granule

flashcard program for learning new words

5,093 users

gnome-format Gnome Format

tool for formatting external memory media

14,392 users

gnobots2 Robots

Avoid robots game

288,247 users

conduit Conduit Synchronizer

synchronization tool for GNOME

18,177 users

mkvtoolnix-gui MKV files creator

Set of tools to work with Matroska files - GUI frontend

20,853 users

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