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gpppon GNOME PPPon

graphical wrapper around pon and poff

3,264 users

gnomine Mines

Minesweeper logic puzzle game

377,471 users

griffith Griffith

film collection manager

8,070 users

muine Muine Music Player

Simple playlist based music player

6,021 users

grandr Multiple Screens

gtk interface to xrandr

14,511 users

ghex Hex Editor

GNOME Hex editor for files

39,905 users

quarry Quarry

Board games Go, Amazons, and Reversi (a.k.a. Othello)

5,353 users

ario Ario

GTK+ client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

3,320 users

rubrica Rubrica Addressbook

An addressbook for the GNOME desktop

3,564 users

pyroom PyRoom

distractionless fullscreen text editor

2,535 users

avahi-discover Avahi Zeroconf Browser

Service discover user interface for avahi

16,732 users

glines Five or More

Five or More puzzle game

289,604 users

bibus Bibus

bibliographic database

3,311 users

gnome-specimen Specimen Font Previewer

Simple font preview and compare application for GNOME

28,906 users

gcrystal Gnome Crystal Crystalline Structures Viewer

lightweight crystal structures visualizer

3,085 users

dates Dates

a calendar optimised for embedded devices

5,100 users

pouetchess pouetChess

3D chess game

7,692 users

gnotski Klotski

Sliding block puzzle game

289,702 users

gstm gSTM

SSH tunnel manager for GNOME

8,239 users

drivel Drivel Journal Editor

Blogging client for the GNOME desktop

7,294 users