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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

cgoban Cgoban

complete Go board

10,889 users

glom Glom

database designer and user interface

5,120 users

iagno Iagno

Tile flipping strategy game

289,829 users

lingot Lingot

accurate and easy to use musical instrument tuner

7,913 users

gwc Gnome Wave Cleaner

Audio file denoiser

7,467 users

gbonds GBonds

U.S. savings bond inventory program for GNOME

1,131 users

littlewizard Little Wizard

development environment for children

7,118 users

smart-notifier SMART Notifier

graphical hard disk health status notifier

10,844 users

gnotime GnoTime Tracking Tool

utility for tracking and invoicing time spent on projects

9,026 users

tasks Tasks

a simple to do manager

5,635 users

jokosher Jokosher Audio Editor

simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker

16,992 users

system-config-kickstart Kickstart

graphical tool for creating Kickstart files

6,196 users

gaiksaurus GTK Aiksaurus

graphical interface to the Aiksaurus toolkit (GTK+ frontend)

2,713 users

taxbird Taxbird

The first free Elster client (German Tax Declarations)

2,275 users

gbirthday GBirthday

birthday reminder for Evolution Contacts

1,823 users

drgeo Dr.Geo

An interactive geometry software

10,956 users

gaupol Gaupol Subtitle Editor

subtitle editor for text-based subtitle files

11,487 users

sabayon User Profile Editor

system administration tool to manage GNOME desktop settings

30,606 users

wxbanker wxBanker Finance Manager

lightweight personal finance manager

1,648 users

freemix freemix

live video performance tool.

4,543 users