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glabels gLabels Label Designer

label, business card and media cover creation program for GNOME

27,856 users

gnochm CHM Viewer

CHM file viewer for GNOME

61,077 users

tomboy Tomboy Notes

desktop note taking program using Wiki style links

1,384,720 users

gcu-bin Molecules Viewer

GNOME chemistry utils (helper applications)

16,061 users

gnusound GNUsound

multitrack sound editor for GNOME

13,553 users

gsynaptics Touchpad

configuration tool for Synaptics touchpad driver of X server

37,731 users

idjc Internet DJ Console

graphical shoutcast/icecast client

7,457 users

guake Guake Terminal

A drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment

15,219 users

zapping Zapping TV Viewer

television viewer for the GNOME environment

15,137 users

gnumeric Gnumeric Spreadsheet

spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program

115,916 users

ubuntustudio-controls Ubuntu Studio Controls

Ubuntu Studio Controls is a small app that changes A/V settings.

27,935 users

visualboyadvance-gtk VisualBoy Advance

GTK+ front-end to VisualBoyAdvance emulator

10,205 users

empathy Empathy

GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client

373,105 users

bitstormlite BitStormLite

BitTorrent Client based on C++/Gtk+2.0

3,908 users

gdesklets gDesklets

Architecture for desktop applets

98,018 users

deb-gview Debian Package Viewer

GNOME viewer for .deb package files and contents

9,989 users

gnome-orca Orca

Scriptable screen reader

1,355,048 users

ekiga Ekiga Softphone

H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client

1,029,678 users

gnome-disk-utility Disk Utility

manage and configure disk drives and media

403,753 users

gok On-Screen Keyboard

GNOME Onscreen Keyboard

28,667 users