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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

webboard WebBoard

copy and paste to a public pastebin server

1,126 users

pioneers Pioneers

the Settlers of Catan board game

5,231 users

lottanzb LottaNZB Automated Usenet Client

simple and automated Usenet downloader for Newzbin (NZB) files

2,953 users

gjiten Gjiten

Japanese dictionary for GNOME

10,762 users

gtetrinet GTetrinet

multiplayer tetris-like game

6,227 users

synce-trayicon SynCE Tray Icon

GNOME system tray application for SynCE

7,146 users

backintime-gnome Back In Time

GNOME front-end for backintime

14,859 users

deskscribe DeskScribe

A suite of tools for recording a user's desktop activity

2,270 users

gq GQ LDAP Client

GTK-based LDAP client

5,456 users

themonospot themonospot

application to scan video files

2,743 users

fantasdic Fantasdic dictionary

dictionary application

5,721 users

grhino GRhino

othello/reversi boardgame

4,918 users

gnome-schedule Scheduled tasks

GNOME scheduler for automatic tasks

23,429 users

italc-master iTalc master interface

Intelligent Teaching and Learning with Computers (master part)

4,077 users

gnome-gmail-notifier Gmail Notifier

A Gmail Inbox Notifier for the GNOME Desktop

2,642 users

tuxcmd Tux Commander

twin-panel (commander-style) file manager using GTK+ 2

6,230 users

gnoemoe GnoeMoe


1,123 users

keysafe KeySafe

safe, simple storage system for passwords

858 users

gmchess Chinese chess

Chinese chess game (Xiangqi)

2,310 users

lifeograph Lifeograph

Private digital diary

1,364 users