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gamix ALSA Mixer

Graphical sound mixer for ALSA

22,458 users

gpixpod GPixPod

Organize photos on your iPod, freely!

22,299 users

gtk-clearlooks-gperfection2-theme gtk-clearlooks-gperfection2-theme

gtk theme for the clearlooks engine

22,150 users

edubuntu-artwork edubuntu-artwork

edubuntu themes and artwork

22,000 users

gshutdown GShutdown

Graphical shutdown utility and shutdown timer

21,949 users

gnome-hearts Hearts

The classic hearts card game for the GNOME desktop

21,936 users

music-applet music-applet

GNOME panel applet to control several music players

21,687 users

gtweakui gtweakui

A collection of simple dialogs as a front end to GConf

21,644 users

blueman Bluetooth Manager

A Graphical bluetooth manager

21,324 users

gnome-office Gnome Office

The GNOME Office suite

21,262 users

gnome-humility-icon-theme gnome-humility-icon-theme

humility icon theme for gnome

21,079 users

mkvtoolnix-gui MKV files creator

Set of tools to work with Matroska files - GUI frontend

20,853 users

winefish Winefish LaTeX Editor

LaTeX Editor based on Bluefish

20,685 users

awn-applets-c-extras awn-applets-c-extras

A collection of applets for avant-window-navigator

20,617 users

gnome-exe-thumbnailer gnome-exe-thumbnailer

Wine .exe and other executable thumbnailer for Gnome

20,515 users

gnome-photo-printer GNOME Photo Printer

tool for Gnome to print several photos on one page

20,504 users

gnome-translate Language Translator

GNOME interface to libtranslate

20,504 users

gisomount gISOMount

A utility for mounting and managing .iso images

20,464 users

netapplet Network Selector

User-friendly network interface control applet

20,367 users

grisbi Grisbi

personal finance management program

20,351 users

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