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gconjugue GConjugue

gtk program to conjugate Brazilian verbs

1,506 users

gcipher GCipher

A simple "encryption" tool

2,267 users

gco GNOME Comics Organizer

comics organizer

2,785 users

usb-imagewriter ImageWriter

tool to write .img files to USB Keys

16,671 users

specto Specto

Unobtrusive update notification program

4,855 users

telegnome TeleGNOME

A graphical teletext viewer

589 users

thin-client-manager-gnome Thin Client Manager

control ubuntu LTSP connections

6,377 users

seahorse-plugins Decrypt File

seahorse plugins and utilities for encryption in GNOME

509,342 users

gastman Gastman

GUI tool for Asterisk administration and monitoring

2,890 users

multisync0.90 Multisync-gui

PIM Synchronization Tool

18,176 users

gnomint gnoMint X.509 CA Manager

x509 Certification Authority management tool for GNOME

1,025 users

mathwar MathWar

A flash card game designed to teach simple maths

4,504 users

gshare File Sharing

Easy user-level file sharing for GNOME

17,362 users

gquilt gquilt Patch Manager

graphical wrapper for quilt and/or mercurial queues

2,005 users

eiciel Eiciel

graphical editor for POSIX ACLs and extended user attributes

4,349 users

shrinkta DVD Movie Backup

DVD backup tool

4,533 users

regexxer regexxer Search Tool

A visual search and replace tool

5,800 users

gmanedit gmanedit

GTK+ man pages editor

1,859 users

eggcups Default Printer

notification area icon for printing jobs

10,615 users

linsmith Linsmith

a tool to generate Smith Charts

3,911 users

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