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alacarte Main Menu

easy GNOME menu editing tool

1,466,166 users

vino Remote Desktop

VNC server for GNOME

1,439,594 users

drapes Desktop Drapes

a desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop

16,741 users

screenlets Screenlets

Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME

115,300 users

banshee Banshee Media Player

Media Management and Playback application

115,948 users

gwget Gwget Download Manager

GNOME front-end for wget

50,709 users

gnome-translate Language Translator

GNOME interface to libtranslate

20,504 users

brasero Brasero

CD/DVD burning application for GNOME

1,110,182 users

gnome-nettool Network Tools

network information tool for GNOME

1,468,861 users

gnome-art Art Manager

install GNOME themes from art.gnome.org

118,276 users

sound-juicer Audio CD Extractor


800,398 users

evince Document Viewer

Document (postscript, pdf) viewer

1,478,867 users

firestarter Firestarter

gtk program for managing and observing your firewall

142,270 users

sysinfo Sysinfo

display computer and system information

100,977 users

desmume DeSmuME (Gtk)

Nintendo DS emulator

18,142 users

file-roller Archive Manager

an archive manager for GNOME

1,503,364 users

gnome-media Sound Recorder

GNOME media utilities

1,488,985 users

rhythmbox Rhythmbox

music player and organizer for GNOME

1,380,004 users

gcalctool Calculator

GNOME desktop calculator

1,502,360 users

nautilus-cd-burner CD/DVD Creator

CD Burning front-end for Nautilus

856,256 users