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arista Arista Transcoder

multimedia transcoder for the GNOME Desktop

14,744 users

dasher Dasher

A graphical predictive text input system

14,533 users

grandr Multiple Screens

gtk interface to xrandr

14,511 users

gnome-format Gnome Format

tool for formatting external memory media

14,392 users

mail-notification-evolution mail-notification-evolution

evolution support for mail notification

14,374 users

solfege GNU Solfege

Ear training software

14,259 users

cellwriter CellWriter

grid-entry handwriting input panel

14,045 users

gtranslator Gtranslator PO Editor

PO-file editor for the GNOME Desktop

13,739 users

moovida Moovida Media Center

The Moovida media center application

13,731 users

gnome-desktop-environment gnome-desktop-environment

The GNOME Desktop Environment

13,725 users

gnusound GNUsound

multitrack sound editor for GNOME

13,553 users

gnome-accessibility-themes-extras gnome-accessibility-themes-extras

accessibility themes for the GNOME 2 desktop

13,346 users

eog-dbg eog-dbg

Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program - debugging symbols

13,331 users

gnome-user-guide-zh gnome-user-guide-zh

GNOME user's guide ()

13,294 users

timer-applet timer-applet

timer applet - a countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel

13,254 users

googlizer Googlizer

utility to search Google via your GNOME menu/panel

13,225 users

oregano Oregano

tool for schematical capture of electronic circuits

13,224 users

flegita-gimp flegita-gimp

Gnome Gimp scan plugin.

13,120 users

pyrenamer pyRenamer

mass file renamer written in PyGTK

13,102 users

alexandria Alexandria Book Collection Manager

a GNOME application for managing book collections

13,048 users

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