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gnome-mud GNOME-Mud

The GNOME MUD client

5,478 users

d-feet D-Feet D-Bus Debugger

A D-Bus object browser, viewer and debugger

1,785 users

hotssh Secure Shell

graphical interface to secure shell

3,153 users

monster-masher Monster Masher

GPL'ed mash'em-up action game for GNOME

4,452 users

nemiver Nemiver Debugger

Standalone graphical debugger for GNOME

4,152 users

teg T.E.G. client

Turn based strategy game

3,971 users

emma emma

extendable MySQL managing assistant

7,671 users

gcolor2 Gcolor2

Simple GTK2 color selector and picker

15,648 users

ganyremote ganyremote

GTK+ frontend for anyRemote

3,799 users

glurp Glurp

gtk2.4+ frontend to the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

1,847 users

krb5-auth-dialog Network Authentication

tray applet for reauthenticating kerberos tickets

979 users

scolily Scolily Score Recorder

Utility to create music scores from microphone

3,612 users

xiphos Xiphos Bible Guide

environment for Bible reading, study, and research

4,643 users

qalculate-gtk Qalculate!

Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - GTK+ version

11,135 users

pgadmin3 pgAdmin III

graphical administration tool for PostgreSQL

29,169 users

purrr Purrr

This is Purrr, mass file rename tool written in PyGTK

5,310 users

gurlchecker gurlchecker

Graphical websites checker

2,397 users

gnote Gnote

desktop note taking program using Wiki style links

5,479 users

longomatch LongoMatch

video analysis tool for coaches

309 users

hdate-applet Hdate

Hebrew calendar applet

3,037 users