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gnome-do GNOME Do

Quickly perform actions on your desktop

105,900 users

bittornado-gui Bittornado Client

bittorrent client with GUI interface

33,926 users

gok On-Screen Keyboard

GNOME Onscreen Keyboard

28,667 users

gnome-disk-utility Disk Utility

manage and configure disk drives and media

403,753 users

ekiga Ekiga Softphone

H.323 and SIP compatible VoIP client

1,029,678 users

gnome-orca Orca

Scriptable screen reader

1,355,048 users

deb-gview Debian Package Viewer

GNOME viewer for .deb package files and contents

9,989 users

gdesklets gDesklets

Architecture for desktop applets

98,018 users

bitstormlite BitStormLite

BitTorrent Client based on C++/Gtk+2.0

3,908 users

empathy Empathy

GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client

373,105 users

visualboyadvance-gtk VisualBoy Advance

GTK+ front-end to VisualBoyAdvance emulator

10,205 users

ubuntustudio-controls Ubuntu Studio Controls

Ubuntu Studio Controls is a small app that changes A/V settings.

27,935 users

gnumeric Gnumeric Spreadsheet

spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program

115,916 users

zapping Zapping TV Viewer

television viewer for the GNOME environment

15,137 users

guake Guake Terminal

A drop-down terminal for GNOME Desktop Environment

15,219 users

idjc Internet DJ Console

graphical shoutcast/icecast client

7,457 users

gsynaptics Touchpad

configuration tool for Synaptics touchpad driver of X server

37,731 users

gnusound GNUsound

multitrack sound editor for GNOME

13,553 users

gcu-bin Molecules Viewer

GNOME chemistry utils (helper applications)

16,061 users

tomboy Tomboy Notes

desktop note taking program using Wiki style links

1,384,720 users

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