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openoffice.org-draw OpenOffice.org Drawing

office productivity suite -- drawing

1,565,008 users

gimp GIMP Image Editor

The GNU Image Manipulation Program

1,495,957 users

evince Document Viewer

Document (postscript, pdf) viewer

1,478,867 users

eog Image Viewer

Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program

1,451,852 users

f-spot F-Spot

personal photo management application

1,365,997 users

xsane XSane Image scanning program

featureful graphical frontend for SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy)

1,350,268 users

vlc VLC media player

multimedia player and streamer

716,714 users

mplayer MPlayer

movie player for Unix-like systems

626,857 users

gthumb gThumb Image Viewer

an image viewer and browser

562,618 users

inkscape Inkscape Vector Graphics Editor

vector-based drawing program

279,569 users

ksnapshot KSnapshot

screen capture tool for KDE 4

253,284 users

gwenview Gwenview

image viewer for KDE 4

238,065 users

digikam digiKam

digital photo management application for KDE

164,518 users

avidemux Avidemux (GTK+)

a free video editor - GTK version

158,266 users

kino Kino

Non-linear editor for Digital Video data

151,707 users

scribus Scribus (Stable)

Open Source Desktop Page Layout

150,723 users

okular Okular

document viewer for KDE 4

138,554 users

blender Blender (windowed)

Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer

132,359 users

dvdrip dvd::rip

perl front end for transcode and ffmpeg

126,140 users

picasa Picasa - Google

Image management application from Google

124,039 users