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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

scribus-ng ScribusNG

Open Source Desktop Page Layout - developmental branch

23,996 users

gnome-specimen Specimen Font Previewer

Simple font preview and compare application for GNOME

28,906 users

bugsquish Bug Squish

Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!

8,079 users

mm3d Misfit Model 3D

OpenGL based 3D model editor

5,031 users

pencil pencil

animation/drawing software

6,516 users

kgrab KGrab

screenshot utility for KDE 4

3,340 users

hocr-gtk hocr

GTK+ frontend for Hebrew OCR

3,122 users

krita-data Krita

data files for Krita painting program

55,987 users

g3data G3Data Graph Analyzer

extract data from scanned graphs

4,343 users

kfax KFax

G3, G32, and G4 fax viewer for KDE 4

20,465 users

lives LiVES

a Video Editing system allowing users to edit and create video

20,608 users

skanlite Skanlite

image scanner for KDE 4 based on the KSane backend

7,412 users

djview3 DjView3

Viewer for the DjVu image format

1,152 users

freemix freemix

live video performance tool.

4,543 users

xconq XConq

A graphical multi-player strategy game and game design system

3,850 users

merkaartor Merkaartor

map editor for OpenStreetMap.org

3,752 users

xaos Xaos - Fractal Zoomer

real-time interactive fractal zoomer

45,042 users

openclipart openclipart

Open Clip Art Library

42,175 users

amide Amide

software for Medical Imaging

2,635 users

koverartist KoverArtist

graphical application to create covers for CD/DVD cases and boxes

6,552 users