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theorur Theorur

simple tool for Ogg/Theora streaming written in GTK+2

857 users

wpagui wpa_gui

graphical user interface for wpa_supplicant

9,231 users

links2 Links 2

Web browser running in both graphics and text mode

19,149 users

qtsmbstatus-client QtSmbstatus Client

GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus (client)

1,536 users

xsmbrowser xsmbrowser

X11 tool for navigating SMB Networks

11,949 users

xdx Xdx

DX-cluster tcp/ip client for amateur radio

1,783 users

openvas-client OpenVAS-Client

Remote network security auditor, the client

1,824 users

knmap knmap

KDE interface to nmap, the Network Mapper

8,432 users

prism-google-analytics Google Analytics

Google Analytics WebApp for Prism

6,330 users

gupnp-tools UPnP AV Control Point

tools for testing UPnP devices and control points

3,369 users

quicksynergy QuickSynergy

GUI for easy configuration of Synergy

14,768 users

ike-qtgui Shrew Soft VPN Access Manager

Shrew Soft VPN client - Connection manager

2,950 users

dooble Dooble

WebKit based browser written is Qt 4

1,424 users

knode KNode

KDE news reader

44,451 users

lekhonee-gnome Lekhonee Gnome

Wordpress blogging client (GNOME front-end)

415 users

lottanzb LottaNZB Automated Usenet Client

simple and automated Usenet downloader for Newzbin (NZB) files

2,953 users

psi Psi

Jabber client using Qt

14,453 users

quassel Quassel IRC

KDE/Qt-based IRC client

74,620 users

ksshaskpass SSH AskPass

interactively prompt users for a passphrase for ssh-add

768 users

gamt gamt

Serial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT, gtk version

329 users