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knemo KNemo

network interfaces monitor for KDE's systray

5,377 users

kleopatra Kleopatra

KDE Certificate Manager

22,323 users

kvirc KVIrc 4

KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support

13,839 users

pinot Pinot Metasearch Tool

meta-search engine for local files and web queries

2,321 users

sync-ui Sync

Evolution data synchronization program using SyncML (GTK+ GUI)

1,931 users

gq GQ LDAP Client

GTK-based LDAP client

5,456 users

kepas Kepas

KDE Easy Publish and Share - Tray icon

3,057 users

obextool ObexTool

graphical frontend for obexftp written in TCL/TK

10,440 users

upnp-inspector UPnP Inspector

Python UPnP framework analyser

1,480 users

gnoemoe GnoeMoe


1,123 users

kadu Kadu

Gadu-Gadu client for X11

16,568 users

kmldonkey KMLDonkey

KMLDonkey is an advanced GUI frontend for the MLDonkey P2P core.

4,581 users

gnome-gmail-notifier Gmail Notifier

A Gmail Inbox Notifier for the GNOME Desktop

2,642 users

fldigi Fldigi

digital modem program for hamradio operators

2,794 users

prism-google-groups Google Groups

Google Groups WebApp for Prism

5,585 users

qnapi QNapi

application that downloads Polish subtitles from www.napiprojekt.pl

3,403 users

gyrus Gyrus IMAP Cyrus Administrator

GNOME tool for Cyrus-IMAP servers administration

1,020 users

mldonkey-gui MLDonkey

Graphical frontend for mldonkey based on GTK+

8,054 users

elinks ELinks Web Browser

advanced text-mode WWW browser

31,270 users

rekonq rekonq

KDE web browser based on Webkit

2,058 users