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plopfolio.app PlopFolio

Personal dashboard for GNUstep

450 users

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rssreader.app Grr Feed Reader

RSS reader for GNUstep

786 users

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lusernet.app LuserNET News Reader

News Reader for GNUstep

539 users

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talksoup.app TalkSoup

IRC client for GNUstep

1,270 users

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musetup-gtk Musetup-gtk

Gtk based museekd configuration utility

1,534 users

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gerstensaft Graphical frontend to SAFT

Frontend for Simple Asynchronous File Transfer

526 users

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psi Psi

Jabber client using Qt

14,453 users

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ggz-txt-client ggz-txt

GGZ Gaming Zone: client for the command line

735 users

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quassel-client Quassel IRC (Client only)

distributed, KDE/Qt-based IRC client - client component

508 users

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desktopcouch-tools CouchDB Pairing Tool

Desktop CouchDB tools

792 users

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gnoemoe GnoeMoe


1,123 users

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ggz-gtk-client ggz-gtk

GGZ Gaming Zone: advanced core client for GTK+ environments

1,896 users

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gq GQ LDAP Client

GTK-based LDAP client

5,456 users

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qterm QTerm

BBS client for X Window System written in Qt

1,583 users

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nuapplet NuApplet

Graphical client for NuFW

534 users

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dooble Dooble

WebKit based browser written is Qt 4

1,424 users

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gpsk31 gpsk31

A gtk based psk31

2,146 users

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licq-plugin-qt Licq

graphical user interface plug-in for Licq using Qt

9,158 users

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lostirc LostIRC

simple gtk-based IRC client

2,465 users

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murmur Murmur

PyGTK2 client for Museekd, the P2P Soulseek Daemon

1,430 users

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