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nzb Nzb

An nzb based Usenet binary grabber

3,516 users

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conkeror Conkeror Web Browser

keyboard focused web browser with Emacs look and feel

3,420 users

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grdc Grdc Remote Desktop Client

transitional dummy package for remmina

3,379 users

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gpppon GNOME PPPon

graphical wrapper around pon and poff

3,264 users

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dc-qt dc-qt

GUI frontend for the dc protocol

3,237 users

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ggz-gnome-client GGZ-Gnome

GGZ Gaming Zone: core client for the GNOME desktop

3,203 users

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hotssh Secure Shell

graphical interface to secure shell

3,153 users

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giftui giFTui

Graphical user interface to giFT using GTK+2

3,111 users

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kgmailnotifier KGmailNotifier

Gmail notifier applet for KDE

3,102 users

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kepas Kepas

KDE Easy Publish and Share - Tray icon

3,057 users

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choqok Choqok

KDE micro-blogging client

3,044 users

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giftoxic giFToxic

GTK2 based GUI for the giFT filesharing system

2,993 users

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qtnx QTNX

NX client for QT

2,971 users

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lottanzb LottaNZB Automated Usenet Client

simple and automated Usenet downloader for Newzbin (NZB) files

2,953 users

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ike-qtgui Shrew Soft VPN Access Manager

Shrew Soft VPN client - Connection manager

2,950 users

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fldigi Fldigi

digital modem program for hamradio operators

2,794 users

Install -->

gnome-gmail-notifier Gmail Notifier

A Gmail Inbox Notifier for the GNOME Desktop

2,642 users

Install -->

packeth PackETH

Ethernet packet generator

2,541 users

Install -->

logjam LogJam

Client for LiveJournal-based sites

2,511 users

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lostirc LostIRC

simple gtk-based IRC client

2,465 users

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