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knode KNode

KDE news reader

44,451 users

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gnome-network-admin Network

GNOME Network Administration Tool

39,971 users

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enigmail Enigmail extension for Thunderbird

Enigmail - GPG support for Thunderbird and Debian Icedove

39,843 users

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mail-notification Mail Notification

mail notification in system tray

38,861 users

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gmail-notify Gmail Notify

A Gmail Notifier

38,789 users

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d4x Downloader for X

graphical download manager

37,991 users

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amule-utils-gui aLinkCreator

graphic utilities for aMule

37,336 users

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linuxdcpp DC++

Port of the Windows file-sharing program, DC++

36,076 users

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gnome-ppp GNOME PPP

modem internet connection tool for the GNOME Desktop

35,573 users

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bittornado-gui Bittornado Client

bittorrent client with GUI interface

33,926 users

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pan Pan Newsreader

A Newsreader based on GTK2, which looks like Forte Agent

33,608 users

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firefox-launchpad-plugin Firefox Launchpad plugin

Launchpad firefox integration

32,904 users

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etherape EtherApe

graphical network monitor modeled after etherman

31,379 users

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elinks ELinks Web Browser

advanced text-mode WWW browser

31,270 users

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gnome-rdp Gnome-RDP

remote desktop client for GNOME

30,712 users

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firefox-webdeveloper Web Developer toolbar for Firefox

transitional dummy package

30,660 users

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gobby Gobby Collaborative Editor

collaborative text editor

29,509 users

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wicd Wicd Network Manager

wired and wireless network manager - metapackage

27,351 users

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zenmap Zenmap

The Network Mapper Front End

23,484 users

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webhttrack WebHTTrack Website Copier

Copy websites to your computer, httrack with a Web interface

23,132 users

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