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prism-facebook Facebook

Facebook WebApp for Prism

15,545 users

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swscanner SWScanner

Simple Wireless Scanner

14,931 users

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kftpgrabber KFTPGrabber

ftp client for KDE

14,515 users

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grdesktop Remotedesktop Client

GNOME frontend for the rdesktop client

14,465 users

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psi Psi

Jabber client using Qt

14,453 users

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claws-mail Claws Mail

Fast, lightweight and user-friendly GTK2 based email client

14,406 users

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twinkle Twinkle

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) SIP Phone

14,094 users

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kvirc KVIrc 4

KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support

13,839 users

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tucan Tucan Manager

Download and upload manager for 1-Click Hosters

13,778 users

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qbittorrent qBittorrent

bittorrent client based on libtorrent-rasterbar with a Qt4 GUI

13,607 users

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kflickr kFlickr

KDE application to upload photos to Flickr

13,547 users

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googlizer Googlizer

utility to search Google via your GNOME menu/panel

13,225 users

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guarddog Guarddog

firewall configuration utility for KDE

13,208 users

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all-in-one-sidebar All in one Sidebar extension for Firefox

transitional dummy package

13,066 users

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arora Arora

simple cross platform web browser

13,009 users

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prismstumbler Prismstumbler

Wireless network sniffer

12,898 users

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fwbuilder Firewall Builder

Firewall administration tool GUI

12,740 users

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kmess KMess

MSN messenger for KDE

12,418 users

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seamonkey-chatzilla Chatzilla

Seamonkey Chatzilla IRC client

11,783 users

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prism-google-talk Google Talk

Google Talk WebApp for Prism

11,468 users

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