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rutilt RutilT WLAN Manager

Configuration tool for rt2x00 wireless network cards

11,228 users

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obextool ObexTool

graphical frontend for obexftp written in TCL/TK

10,440 users

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linphone Linphone

SIP softphone - graphical client

10,188 users

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prism-google-reader Google Reader

Google Reader WebApp for Prism

10,011 users

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bluemon BlueMon

Activate or deactivate programs based on Bluetooth link quality

9,925 users

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wpagui wpa_gui

graphical user interface for wpa_supplicant

9,231 users

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licq-plugin-qt Licq

graphical user interface plug-in for Licq using Qt

9,158 users

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ksniffer KSniffer

network traffic analyzer for KDE

8,979 users

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klibido Klibido

usenet binary grabber for KDE

8,699 users

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gnome-blog Blog Entry Poster

GNOME applet to post to weblog entries

8,586 users

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multiget MultiGet

graphical download manager

8,532 users

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twitux Twitux

a Twitter client for GNOME

8,502 users

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penguintv PenguinTV Media Aggregator

podcasts and video blogs for Linux

8,334 users

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gstm gSTM

SSH tunnel manager for GNOME

8,239 users

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kphone Kphone

Voice over IP (VoIP) phone application

8,207 users

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mldonkey-gui MLDonkey

Graphical frontend for mldonkey based on GTK+

8,054 users

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bmon bmon

portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator

7,811 users

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sylpheed Sylpheed

Light weight e-mail client with GTK+

7,768 users

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idjc Internet DJ Console

graphical shoutcast/icecast client

7,457 users

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knetstats KNetStats

network interfaces monitor for KDE's systray

7,306 users

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