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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

unetbootin UNetbootin

installer of Linux/BSD distributions to a partition or USB drive

39,302 users

rar RAR

Archiver for .rar files

351,396 users

p7zip-full 7zip

7z and 7za file archivers with high compression ratio

383,626 users

startupmanager StartUp-Manager

Grub, Usplash and Splash screen configuration

172,647 users

google-desktop-linux Google Desktop - Google

Google Desktop: Personalize and organize your own computer.

26,571 users

pdfedit PDF Editor

Editor for manipulating PDF documents

85,064 users

swfdec-gnome Swfdec Flash Player

Tools to play SWF files (Macromedia Flash) on GNOME

52,357 users

avant-window-navigator Avant Window Navigator

A MacOS X like panel for GNOME

94,087 users

gnome-utils GNOME Desktop Utilities

GNOME desktop utilities

1,469,517 users

alacarte Main Menu

easy GNOME menu editing tool

1,466,166 users

charmap.app Charmap

Character map for GNUstep

3,689 users

screenlets Screenlets

Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME

115,300 users

hot-babe hot-babe - Medibuntu

A GTK-based monitoring app

7,424 users

earth3d earth3d

Map client displaying a 3D model of the world

23,339 users

sysinfo Sysinfo

display computer and system information

100,977 users

virtualbox-ose-qt VirtualBox OSE

x86 virtualization solution - Qt based user interface

45,590 users

gnash Gnash SWF Viewer

free SWF movie player

135,801 users

file-roller Archive Manager

an archive manager for GNOME

1,503,364 users

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