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zynaddsubfx ZynAddSubFX Software Synthesizer

Realtime software synthesizer for Linux

40,213 users

zsnes ZSNES Emulator

Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

39,726 users

zipper.app Zipper

Tool for inspecting the contents of a compressed archive

7,962 users

zim Zim Desktop Wiki

graphical text editor based on wiki technologies

11,332 users

zenmap Zenmap

The Network Mapper Front End

23,484 users

zekr Zekr

Quranic Study Tool

4,347 users

zblast-x11 ZBlast

X11 version of zblast, shoot 'em up space game

4,188 users

zatacka Zatacka

Arcade multiplayer game like nibbles

2,572 users

zapping Zapping TV Viewer

television viewer for the GNOME environment

15,137 users

zanshin Zanshin

Todo List Manager

420 users

z88 Z88

Finite Element Analysis Program - runtime

647 users

ygraph ygraph Scientific Data Plotter

plot and animate data sets

2,390 users

yate-gtk2 Yate

YATE and GTK+ 2 based universal telephony client

2,116 users

yarssr Yarssr

RSS reader for the notification area

4,130 users

yapet YAPET

Yet Another Password Encryption Tool

120 users

yakuake Yakuake

a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology

39,008 users

yahtzeesharp YahtzeeSharp

game similar to poker with dice and less money

632 users

yabause-qt Yabause (Qt port)

beautiful and under-rated Saturn emulator - Qt port

1,138 users

yabause-gtk Yabause (Gtk port)

beautiful and under-rated Saturn emulator - Gtk port

1,781 users

xword Xword

Reads and writes crossword puzzles in the Across Lite file format

2,797 users