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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

yapet YAPET

Yet Another Password Encryption Tool

120 users

spout Spout

Tiny abstract black and white 2D cave-shooter

126 users

pcp-gui PCP Charts

Visualisation tools for the Performance Co-Pilot toolkit

135 users

qwo qwo

An efficient input method for touch screens

148 users

qtsmbstatus-light QtSmbstatus Light

GUI (graphical user interface) for smbstatus

178 users

userful-multiplier Userful Multiplier

Userful's Virtualized X-Server (Trial Version)

200 users

lekhonee-kde Lekhonee

Wordpress blogging client (KDE4 front-end)

230 users

kobby Kobby

Collaborative text editor for KDE

246 users

xiterm+thai Thai X terminal

X terminal program with Thai languague support

246 users

tryton-client Tryton

Tryton Application Platform (Client)

266 users

liguidsoap Liguidsoap

control GUI for liquidsoap

283 users

kita2 Kita2

2ch-like BBS browser for KDE user

299 users

longomatch LongoMatch

video analysis tool for coaches

309 users

gamt gamt

Serial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT, gtk version

329 users

boats Boat Scenario

a race scenario drawing tool

342 users

objcryst-fox Fox

Free Objects for Xtallography

365 users

gobby-0.5 Gobby Collaborative Editor (0.5)

infinote-based collaborative text editor

378 users

esteidutil esteidutil

EstEID smartcard management tool

394 users

quickplay quickplay

play mp3 streams from an Ampache server

398 users

hexalate Hexalate

Color matching puzzle

414 users