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openoffice.org-writer OpenOffice.org Word Processor

office productivity suite -- word processor

1,579,954 users

synaptic Synaptic Package Manager

Graphical package manager

1,568,573 users

openoffice.org-draw OpenOffice.org Drawing

office productivity suite -- drawing

1,565,008 users

openoffice.org-calc OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet

office productivity suite -- spreadsheet

1,564,662 users

openoffice.org-impress OpenOffice.org Presentation

office productivity suite -- presentation

1,562,182 users

gdebi GDebi Package Installer

Simple tool to install deb files - GNOME GUI

1,518,420 users

language-selector Language Support

Language selector for Ubuntu Linux

1,511,701 users

gnome-system-monitor System Monitor

Process viewer and system resource monitor for GNOME

1,507,315 users

gucharmap Character Map

Unicode character picker and font browser

1,505,111 users

file-roller Archive Manager

an archive manager for GNOME

1,503,364 users

gcalctool Calculator

GNOME desktop calculator

1,502,360 users

yelp Help

Help browser for GNOME

1,501,443 users

gimp GIMP Image Editor

The GNU Image Manipulation Program

1,495,957 users

update-manager Update Manager

GNOME application that manages apt updates

1,490,190 users

gnome-media Sound Recorder

GNOME media utilities

1,488,985 users

gnome-power-manager Power Management

power management tool for the GNOME desktop

1,488,971 users

onboard onBoard

Simple On-screen Keyboard

1,482,483 users

gnome-menus Menu Editor

an implementation of the freedesktop menu specification for GNOME

1,479,958 users

evince Document Viewer

Document (postscript, pdf) viewer

1,478,867 users

metacity Metacity

lightweight GTK+ window manager

1,476,459 users