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paw++ Paw++ (Physics Analysis Workstation)

Physics Analysis Workstation (Lesstif-enhanced version)

3,601 users

xiterm+thai Thai X terminal

X terminal program with Thai languague support

246 users

volumecontrol.app VolumeControl

Audio mixer for GNUstep

1,934 users

gtamsanalyzer.app GTAMSAnalyzer

Qualitative Research Software for the Free World for GNUstep

764 users

geda-xgsch2pcb gEDA Schematic -> PCB Project

GPL EDA -- Electronics design software -- gschem -> PCB workflow GUI

4,071 users

qt4-qtconfig Qt 4 Settings

Qt 4 configuration tool

362,428 users

extace Extace Waveform Display

waveform viewer

701 users

liguidsoap Liguidsoap

control GUI for liquidsoap

283 users

openbox Openbox Session

standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager

30,361 users

paprefs PulseAudio Preferences

PulseAudio Preferences

100,208 users

wsjt WSJT

weak-signal amateur radio communications

3,213 users

displaycalibrator.app DisplayCalibrator

Gamma calibration for GNUstep

2,265 users

gnusim8085 GNUSim8085

Graphical Intel 8085 simulator, assembler and debugger

2,980 users

timemon.app TimeMon

CPU time usage monitor for GNUstep

1,575 users

wrapperfactory.app WrapperFactory

Application wrappers configuration tool for GNUstep

1,937 users

asoundconf-gtk Default Sound Card

Applet to select the default ALSA sound card

19,247 users

emelfm2 emelFM2

file manager for X/gtk

4,458 users

gabedit Gabedit QC-GUI

graphical user interface to Ab Initio packages

1,874 users

geda-gattrib gEDA Attribute Editor

GPL EDA -- Electronics design software (attribute editor)

9,159 users

gerbv Gerbv Gerber File Viewer

Gerber file viewer for PCB design

5,662 users