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xubuntu-restricted-extras Xubuntu restricted extras

Commonly used restricted packages for Xubuntu

47,004 users

gnomebaker GnomeBaker CD/DVD Writer

application for CD/DVD creation in the GNOME desktop

112,735 users

gtk-recordmydesktop gtk-recordMyDesktop

Graphical frontend for recordmydesktop screencast tool

54,244 users

kstars KStars

desktop planetarium for KDE 4

89,637 users

open-vm-toolbox VMware User Agent

tools and components for VMware guest systems (GUI tools)

4,984 users

gnome-commander GNOME Commander

nice and fast file manager for the GNOME desktop

76,321 users

tuxpaint Tux Paint

A paint program for young children

66,478 users

f-spot F-Spot

personal photo management application

1,365,997 users

putty PuTTY SSH Client

Telnet/SSH client for X

52,466 users

kplayer KPlayer

A KDE media player based on MPlayer

8,757 users

cairo-dock-core GLX-Dock (Cairo-Dock with OpenGL)

A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (core package)

25,720 users

dragonplayer Dragon Player

simple KDE 4 video player

141,206 users

knotes KNotes

KDE sticky notes

246,662 users

prism-google-mail Google Mail (GMail)

Google Mail (GMail) WebApp for Prism

19,940 users

gfceu GFCE Ultra NES Emulator

Graphical front-end using GTK2 for the FCE Ultra NES emulator

19,603 users

acidrip AcidRip DVD Ripper

ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder

84,539 users

epiphany-browser Epiphany

Intuitive GNOME web browser

162,335 users

filezilla FileZilla

Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client

160,043 users

evolution Evolution Mail and Calendar

groupware suite with mail client and organizer

1,332,557 users

anjuta Anjuta IDE

A GNOME development IDE, for C/C++

67,667 users

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