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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

cheese Cheese

A tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam

189,300 users

chemtool Chemtool

Chemical structures drawing program

8,711 users

glchess Chess

Chess strategy game

295,708 users

gnome-chess Chess

chess client for the GNOME desktop environment

14,948 users

childsplay Childsplay

Suite of educational games for young children

30,866 users

gmchess Chinese chess

Chinese chess game (Xiangqi)

2,310 users

gnochm CHM Viewer

CHM file viewer for GNOME

61,077 users

chmsee ChmSee

A chm file viewer written in GTK+

19,299 users

choqok Choqok

KDE micro-blogging client

3,044 users

chromium-bsu Chromium B.S.U.

fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter

14,477 users

circuslinux Circus Linux!

The clowns are trying to pop balloons to score points!

11,915 users

controlaula Classrooom control

Classroom management tool

514 users

claws-mail Claws Mail

Fast, lightweight and user-friendly GTK2 based email client

14,406 users

clips CLIPS

"C" Language Integrated Production System

1,899 users

clustalx Clustal??X

Multiple alignment of nucleic acid and protein sequences (graphical interface)

2,314 users

system-config-cluster Cluster Management

red hat cluster suite configuration tool (GUI)

5,509 users

clusterssh ClusterSSH

administer multiple ssh or rsh shells simultaneously

6,875 users

ncbi-tools-x11 Cn3D NCBI Database Viewer

NCBI libraries for biology applications (X-based utilities)

3,695 users

codeblocks Code::Blocks IDE

Code::Blocks integrated development environment (IDE)

23,446 users

codelite CodeLite

Powerful and lightweight C/C++ IDE

6,166 users