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gnome-orca Orca

Scriptable screen reader

1,355,048 users

deb-gview Debian Package Viewer

GNOME viewer for .deb package files and contents

9,989 users

acm ACM Aerial Combat Simulator

A multi-player aerial combat simulation

15,641 users

obconf Openbox Configuration Manager

Preferences manager for Openbox window manager

15,853 users

pykaraoke PyKaraoke

free CDG/MIDI/MPEG karaoke player

8,208 users

bibletime BibleTime

A bible study tool for Qt

14,676 users

bitstormlite BitStormLite

BitTorrent Client based on C++/Gtk+2.0

3,908 users

mousepad Mousepad

simple Xfce oriented text editor

99,508 users

freemat FreeMat

mathematics framework (mostly matlab compatible)

4,429 users

gdesklets gDesklets

Architecture for desktop applets

98,018 users

gnunet-gtk GNUnet Secured P2P

secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (GTK+ client)

4,781 users

xchat XChat IRC

IRC client for X similar to AmIRC

134,876 users

visualboyadvance-gtk VisualBoy Advance

GTK+ front-end to VisualBoyAdvance emulator

10,205 users

empathy Empathy

GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client

373,105 users

ktouch KTouch

touch typing tutor for KDE 4

72,731 users

ubuntustudio-controls Ubuntu Studio Controls

Ubuntu Studio Controls is a small app that changes A/V settings.

27,935 users

tucan Tucan Manager

Download and upload manager for 1-Click Hosters

13,778 users

scim SCIM Input Method Setup

smart common input method platform

1,245,231 users

gnumeric Gnumeric Spreadsheet

spreadsheet application for GNOME - main program

115,916 users

prism-twitter twitter

twitter WebApp for Prism

5,347 users

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