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eclipse-platform Eclipse

Eclipse platform without plug-ins to develop any language

122,983 users

thunar Thunar File Manager

File Manager for Xfce

150,127 users

streamtuner streamtuner

A GUI audio stream directory browser

50,266 users

kgeography KGeography

geography learning aid for KDE 4

42,760 users

kmousetool KMouseTool

KDE mouse manipulation tool for the disabled

226,923 users

kmag KMag

a screen magnifier for KDE

227,477 users

tomboy Tomboy Notes

desktop note taking program using Wiki style links

1,384,720 users

kcalc KCalc

calculator for KDE 4

77,676 users

emacs22-gtk Emacs 22 (GTK)

The GNU Emacs editor (with GTK+ 2.x support)

53,406 users

usb-creator-gtk USB Startup Disk Creator

Ubuntu startup disk creator for GTK+

406,255 users

stardict StarDict

International dictionary

49,103 users

ksnapshot KSnapshot

screen capture tool for KDE 4

253,284 users

armagetronad Armagetron Advanced

3D Tron-like high speed game

32,075 users

gnome-ppp GNOME PPP

modem internet connection tool for the GNOME Desktop

35,573 users

gnochm CHM Viewer

CHM file viewer for GNOME

61,077 users

lincity-ng Lincity-NG

City simulator game with polished graphics

36,165 users

glabels gLabels Label Designer

label, business card and media cover creation program for GNOME

27,856 users

spider Spider Solitaire

A two deck solitaire game for the X Window System

13,333 users

mandvd ManDVD

simple Video DVD creator

25,540 users

albumshaper Album Shaper

Photo album creator and photo manipulator

12,627 users

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