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system-config-printer-gnome Printing

Printer configuration GUI

1,105,935 users

opencity OpenCity

a 3D city simulator game

17,684 users

brutalchess Brutal Chess

3d chess with reflection of the chessmen

24,490 users

glchess Chess

Chess strategy game

295,708 users

alarm-clock Alarm Clock

Alarm Clock for GTK Environments

19,737 users

gnome-device-manager Device Manager

GNOME device manager based on HAL

42,102 users

uck Ubuntu Customization Kit

Tool to customize official Ubuntu Live CDs

13,323 users

mysql-server MySQL Server

MySQL database server (metapackage depending on the latest version)

196,081 users

language-selector-qt Language Support

Language selector for Kubuntu Linux

229,764 users

ogmrip DVD Encoder OGMRip

Application for ripping and encoding DVD

34,571 users

freetennis FreeTennis

Free Tennis - simulation game

9,683 users

openmovieeditor Open Movie Editor

a simple non-linear video editor

31,963 users

kmail KMail

KDE Email client

250,566 users

kpat KPatience

solitaire card games for KDE

74,800 users

kshisen Shisen-Sho

Shisen-Sho solitaire game for KDE

67,182 users

kmobiletools KMobileTools

KDE application for controlling your mobile phone

25,215 users

gamix ALSA Mixer

Graphical sound mixer for ALSA

22,458 users

yakuake Yakuake

a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology

39,008 users

gkbd-capplet Keyboard Indicator plugins

GNOME Panel applet for libgnomekbd

2,618 users

kbattleship KBattleship

battleship board game for KDE

73,643 users

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