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gkbd-capplet Keyboard Indicator plugins

GNOME Panel applet for libgnomekbd

2,618 users

gshutdown GShutdown

Graphical shutdown utility and shutdown timer

21,949 users

extremetuxracer Extreme Tux Racer

3D racing game featuring Tux, the Linux penguin

37,067 users

hipo Hipo iPod Management Tool

iPod Management Tool

20,083 users

gperiodic GPeriodic

periodic table application

12,370 users

kttsd kttsmgr

a Text-to-Speech system for KDE

27,722 users

epiphany-gecko Epiphany Web Browser (Gecko)

Dummy, transitional package

87,219 users

gxneur gXNeur

GTK+ frontend for xneur keyboard layout switcher

12,651 users

blinken Blinken

KDE 4 version of the Simon electronic memory game

32,512 users

gpaint GNU Paint

GNU Paint - a small, easy to use paint program for GNOME

67,447 users

gnome-mousetrap MouseTrap

Head tracked mouse control

1,979 users

zim Zim Desktop Wiki

graphical text editor based on wiki technologies

11,332 users

xfmpc Xfmpc

graphical GTK+ MPD client

1,244 users

gnome-menus Menu Editor

an implementation of the freedesktop menu specification for GNOME

1,479,958 users

leafpad Leafpad

GTK+ based simple text editor

20,326 users

qemu-launcher Qemu Launcher

GTK+ front-end to QEMU computer emulator

26,739 users

scribes Scribes Text Editor

simple, slim and sleek, yet powerful text editor for GNOME

6,395 users

tea TEA Text Editor

text editor with syntax highlighting & UTF support

5,869 users

enigmail Enigmail extension for Thunderbird

Enigmail - GPG support for Thunderbird and Debian Icedove

39,843 users

valknut Valknut

graphical client for Direct Connect

5,152 users