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qemulator Qemulator

a solution for easy setup and management of qemu

20,538 users

ggz-kde-client GGZap

GGZ Gaming Zone: advanced core client for KDE

5,324 users

geany Geany

A fast and lightweight IDE

51,246 users

network-manager-vpnc VPN Connection Manager (vpnc)

network management framework (VPNC plugin)

52,357 users

transmission-qt Transmission BitTorrent Client (Qt)

lightweight BitTorrent client (Qt interface)

1,264 users

ristretto Ristretto

lightweight picture-viewer for the Xfce desktop environment

37,655 users

k3d K-3D

3D modeling and animation system

15,523 users

tilda Tilda

terminal emulator with first person shooter console likeness

21,193 users

aranym ARAnyM

Atari Running on Any Machine

1,476 users

network-manager-pptp PPTP VPN Connection Manager

network management framework (PPTP plugin)

249,931 users

wxmaxima wxMaxima

GUI for the computer algebra system Maxima

16,944 users

etw Eat The Whistle

arcade-style soccer game

6,257 users

vkeybd Virtual MIDI Keyboard

Virtual MIDI Keyboard

40,806 users

abraca Abraca XMMS2 Client

A simple and powerful graphical client for XMMS2

6,035 users

dia Dia Diagram Editor

Diagram editor

80,960 users

giver Giver

simple file sharing desktop application

18,699 users

aeskulap Aeskulap Viewer

medical image viewer and DICOM network client

4,892 users

akregator Akregator

RSS feed aggregator for KDE

243,493 users

usb-creator-kde USB Startup Disk Creator

Ubuntu USB desktop image creator for KDE

47,710 users

kobby Kobby

Collaborative text editor for KDE

246 users