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guarddog Guarddog

firewall configuration utility for KDE

13,208 users

xchat-gnome XChat-GNOME IRC Chat

a new frontend to the popular X-Chat IRC client

63,208 users

avahi-ui-utils Avahi SSH Server Browser

Avahi GTK+ utilities

4,469 users

kamoso Kamoso

Tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam

3,301 users

ltris LTris

very polished Tetris clone with CPU opponents

9,243 users

eee-applet Eee Applet

A systray applet for Eee Pc

4,327 users

abuse Abuse

SDL port of the Abuse action game

22,953 users

ksudoku KSudoku

Sudoku puzzle game and solver for KDE

41,183 users

calibre calibre

e-book converter and library management

11,521 users

flumotion Flumotion Streaming Server Administration

Fluendo Streaming Server - manager, worker and admin

3,807 users

open-invaders Open Invaders

Space Invaders clone

7,689 users

gtkam Gtkam Digital Camera Browser

application for retrieving media from digital cameras

17,588 users

kuser KUser

user and group administration tool for KDE 4

112,061 users

kiso Open image...

program to create manipulate and extract CD Image

11,119 users

clusterssh ClusterSSH

administer multiple ssh or rsh shells simultaneously

6,875 users

gelemental Periodic Table

Periodic Table viewer

9,515 users

kxmame kxmame

A KDE frontend for xmame emulator

9,288 users

tremulous Tremulous

Aliens vs Humans, team based FPS game with elements of an RTS

29,574 users

soundkonverter soundKonverter

audio converter frontend for KDE

35,112 users

liferea Liferea Feed Reader

feed aggregator for GNOME

75,538 users