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gnome-user-share Personal File Sharing

User level public file sharing via WebDAV or ObexFTP

182,781 users

kontact Kontact

KDE pim application

237,431 users

atomix Atomix

puzzle game for building molecules out of isolated atoms

56,400 users

kipi-plugins KIPI Plugins

image manipulation/handling plugins for KIPI aware programs

190,788 users

etherape EtherApe

graphical network monitor modeled after etherman

31,379 users

yabause-gtk Yabause (Gtk port)

beautiful and under-rated Saturn emulator - Gtk port

1,781 users

furiusisomount Furius ISO Mount

An ISO, IMG, BIN, MDF and NRG image management utility

18,276 users

bluemindo Bluemindo

simple yet powerful audio player

3,644 users

stella Stella

Atari 2600 Emulator for SDL & X windows

4,401 users

avidemux-qt Avidemux (Qt)

a free video editor - QT version

19,752 users

gnome-photo-printer GNOME Photo Printer

tool for Gnome to print several photos on one page

20,504 users

koffice-data KOffice

common shared data for the KDE Office Suite

127,641 users

gnome-pilot PalmOS Devices

A GNOME applet for management of your Palm PDA

1,336,960 users

gqview GQview

image viewer using GTK+ (transitional package)

70,433 users

kradio kradio4

Comfortable Radio Application for KDE

6,866 users

gnect Four-in-a-Row

Four in a Row strategy game

290,130 users

gramps GRAMPS Genealogy System

Genealogical research program

29,496 users

nvidia-glx-185 NVidia binary X.Org driver ('version 185' driver)

Transitional package for nvidia-glx-185

87,695 users

xournal Xournal

GTK+ Application for note taking

9,326 users

grisbi Grisbi

personal finance management program

20,351 users