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wireshark Wireshark

network traffic analyzer - GTK+ version

142,862 users

supertuxkart Supertuxkart

kart racing game

62,039 users

openarena OpenArena

fast-paced 3D first-person shooter

61,195 users

kaffeine Kaffeine

versatile media player for KDE

205,311 users

zsnes ZSNES Emulator

Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System

39,726 users

audacious Audacious2

small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats

162,501 users

emerald Emerald Theme Manager

Decorator for compiz-fusion

196,071 users

alacarte Main Menu

easy GNOME menu editing tool

1,466,166 users

synaptic Synaptic Package Manager

Graphical package manager

1,568,573 users

gimp GIMP Image Editor

The GNU Image Manipulation Program

1,495,957 users

pptview PowerPoint Viewer

view PowerPoint presentations

34,861 users

openjdk-6-jre OpenJDK Java 6 Runtime

OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT

482,096 users

stellarium Stellarium

real-time photo-realistic sky generator

70,538 users

vino Remote Desktop

VNC server for GNOME

1,439,594 users

charmap.app Charmap

Character map for GNUstep

3,689 users

drapes Desktop Drapes

a desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop

16,741 users

screenlets Screenlets

Widget-like mini-applications for GNOME

115,300 users

language-selector Language Support

Language selector for Ubuntu Linux

1,511,701 users

audacity Audacity

A fast, cross-platform audio editor

274,014 users

kmplayer KMPlayer

media player for KDE

46,040 users

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