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banshee Banshee Media Player

Media Management and Playback application

115,948 users

hot-babe hot-babe - Medibuntu

A GTK-based monitoring app

7,424 users

supertux SuperTux 2

Classic 2D jump 'n run sidescroller with Tux

55,258 users

lbreakout2 lbreakout2

A ball-and-paddle game with nice graphics

48,869 users

adblock-plus Adblock Plus extension for Firefox

transitional dummy package

70,823 users

kubuntu-restricted-extras Kubuntu restricted extras

Commonly used restricted packages for Kubuntu

80,167 users

thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News

mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support

446,336 users

gnomeradio FM-Radio Tuner

FM-radio tuner for the GNOME desktop

20,635 users

ntfs-config NTFS Configuration Tool

Enable/disable write support for any NTFS devices

142,598 users

gwget Gwget Download Manager

GNOME front-end for wget

50,709 users

torcs TORCS

3D racing cars simulator game using OpenGL

41,498 users

me-tv Me TV

Me TV, it's TV for me computer

21,785 users

gnome-translate Language Translator

GNOME interface to libtranslate

20,504 users

kdenlive Kdenlive

a non-linear video editor

32,990 users

openoffice.org-calc OpenOffice.org Spreadsheet

office productivity suite -- spreadsheet

1,564,662 users

transmission-gtk Transmission BitTorrent Client

lightweight BitTorrent client (GTK interface)

1,041,457 users

brasero Brasero

CD/DVD burning application for GNOME

1,110,182 users

ndisgtk Windows Wireless Drivers

graphical frontend for ndiswrapper (installation of Windows WiFi drivers)

109,264 users

gnome-nettool Network Tools

network information tool for GNOME

1,468,861 users

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