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bastet Bastard Tetris

Free clone of Tetris, featuring a bastard level

6,061 users

batmon.app BatMon

Battery monitor for GNUstep

3,183 users

battery-stats Battery Charge Graph

collects statistics about charge of laptop batteries

3,132 users

wesnoth Battle for Wesnoth

fantasy turn-based strategy game - complete suite

50,656 users

btanks Battle Tanks

fast 2D tank arcade game with multiplayer and split-screen modes

12,091 users

battleball Battleball

soccer game played with tanks or helicopters

8,961 users

bauble Bauble

biodiversity collection manager software application

759 users

bzr Bazaar Version Control System

easy to use distributed version control system

78,584 users

beast BEAST

music synthesis and composition framework

38,077 users

beneath-a-steel-sky Beneath A Steel Sky

a science fiction adventure game

20,116 users

bibledit Bibledit

Bible translation tool

4,625 users

biblememorizer BibleMemorizer

a Bible verses memorizer

4,762 users

bibletime BibleTime

A bible study tool for Qt

14,676 users

bibus Bibus

bibliographic database

3,311 users

bilbo Bilbo

Transitional package for bilbo to blogilo upgrades

606 users

billard-gl Billard-GL

3D billiards game

51,650 users

biloba Biloba

turn based strategy board game for up to 4 players

2,630 users

biniax2 Biniax-2

logic game with arcade and tactics modes

2,664 users

biococoa.app BioCocoa

biological sequence file format conversion applet for GNUstep

1,077 users

bitmeter Bitmeter

diagnosis tool for JACK audio software

13,237 users